Excess body hair, skin tags, spider veins: seemingly small problems that can have a huge impact on your confidence and quality of life. Laser Looks is here to answer your questions. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Not finding the answer to your question? Book a free consultation today!

A moderate amount of discomfort can be expected depending on the area being treated. This is significantly lessened by chilled air being continuously blown over the skin surface. Topical anesthetic creams can also be used if the patient desires. There is no downtime to the laser hair removal treatment procedure and normal activities can be resumed immediately.

Many clients come in for an upper lip treatment during their lunch hour and return to work with no downtime.

Spider veins are caused by increased pressure in the veins. The tendency to get them is hereditary and they are more common as you get older.  (It’s also known that people who stand for long periods of time, such as nurses and teachers, tend to increase the amount of pressure in the veins of the legs and are more likely to develop spider veins.) not sure if it’s important to include the bracket or not.

While sclerotherapy is more common, the smaller, fine, reddish spider veins respond best to laser treatment because they’re harder to inject.

A skin tag, is a small tag of skin which may have a peduncle(stalk)-they look like a small piece of soft, hanging skin.

Fast facts on skin tags

While there is no cure for rosacea, early treatment can stop it from worsening and make it less noticeable.  Avoiding triggers, like wine and extreme heat and cold, and following and gentle skin care regimen will help you manage flushing and other symptoms, like broken capillories.  The most effective management is achieved through a combination of patient education with lifestyle modification, the right skincare products, laser treatments & clinical peels.  Our Acne Control line is formulated to be effective and safe. It was created to treat persistent acne and rosacea in teens and adults alike.

Just as your body needs different clothing to protected against the changing weather, your skin needs a different skin care regimen to properly protect it from the elements. As the body’s largest organ, skin is far more delicate than you probably realize. Here’s a closer look at how winter versus summer affects skin and it’s care.

Winter months generally are colder and dryer then summer months when heat and humidity levels are on the rise. When skin is exposed to the harsh winter weather, it takes a beating, becoming excessively dry, irritated and chapped. Clothing protects most skin but we often fail to protect our faces.

During the summer, higher temperatures and humidity levels increase the amount of sweat the body produces in an attempt to cool off. As a consequence, skin becomes oriole year and more prone to pimples another irritations.

Always protect your skin from the effects of UVA & UVB by applying sunscreen. Ex. Biomani Sunscreen

Excessive sweat & oils clog pores so use a cooling cleanser containing salicylic acid to keep skin blemishes under control. Ex. Acne control theracleanser

Change your moisturizing product because skin doesn’t need as much moisturizing protection during summer as it does during winter.


We use Biomani,  an AcneControl line that is effective and safe.  It is the only acne treatment that contains sulfur, Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid in one formula.  It was created to treat persistent acne and rosacea and to prevent new acne formation. The line is not drying and because it contains botanical extracts together with natural herbs and anti-acne ingredients, it softens the acne skin, removes inflammation and decreases the redness.  It is suitable for all skin types without any drying effect.